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Joe Williams of Throne of String Epoch Lacrosse Tie Up Tuesday
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Tie Up Tuesday: Joe Williams, Throne of String

Editor’s Note: Welcome back to Tuesday Tie Up from Epoch Lacrosse! Each week, we feature a guest lacrosse personality to help you see how the big guns string their heads. You’re sure to learn a thing or two, so pay attention! We’ll let Epoch take it from here…

Joe Williams, the mastermind behind Throne of String, broke away from his busy booth to tie up The Hawk with Throne Mesh at the #LaxCon 2015.

We had the pleasure of filming Joe from Throne of Strings get down with his bad self at LaxCon. In case you didn’t know, Joe is a seasoned veteran when it comes to tying up heads. What better way to make him prove himself than put him on the spot and get him to tie up The Hawk in front of a growing crowd at #LaxCon?

Joe spends his days tying up a ton of different styled pockets on a regular basis. For this #EpochTieUp the mad man went with a classy box style pocket.

During his tie up the crowd grew and grew, leaving Joe with no choice but to have a rock, paper, scissor contest for a young buck to win the finished Hawk. The contest consisted of kids going head to head with Joe and after a few rounds of getting stumped by the master, one lucky laxer took him down and took home the finished product!

You can view more of Joe and Throne of String on their YouTube channel and be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay up with the TOS gang!

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