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Justin Skaggs Epoch Hawk Tie Up Tuesday
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Tie Up Tuesday: Justin Skaggs, Stylin’ Strings

Editor’s Note: Welcome back to Tuesday Tie Up from Epoch Lacrosse! Each week, we feature a guest lacrosse personality to help you see how the big guns string their heads. You’re sure to learn a thing or two, so pay attention! We’ll let Epoch take it from here…

It’s always exciting when the Epoch crew receives a custom dyed and strung head from Justin Skaggs, CEO of Stylin’ Strings, so why not feature it for this week’s Tie Up Tuesday?

Justin tied up and dyed an amazing red, white and blue galaxy them on The Hawk just for us! The pocket starts with a fresh slice of Otter Mesh, shaped with dark blue sidewall strings, three dark blue shooting strings and one maroon nylon to top it off.

Locking three-diamonds down the sidewall creates the channel, before triple bunching the mesh to create a high pocket fit for the famous Hawk design.

The Hawk was custom dyed by Stylin’ Strings as well, giving a very spacey, galactic feel.

The dark blue color fades into a maroon toward the top left shoulder of the head. The transition of colors is really well done and makes The Hawk look outstanding.

When it comes to all things stringing and dying, Skaggs and the boys over at Stylin’ Strings are miles ahead.

For more information on Stylin’ Strings, visit them online and follow their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages!

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What are your thoughts on this custom dyed head? Do you like the colors being used? Comment and let us know below.

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