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Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom
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Time Best Used For Preparation

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!
It’s not uncommon, moving into the new year for many of us to make resolutions and to decide to change our ways and our habits. A while back, I realized that attempting to change habits, though, is relatively futile. They are habits because we often have years of repetition built up behind them. In order to improve in a particular area, it’s more productive to work at building new habits than trying to change old ones. For example, one of my commitments for the new year (which I’ve already made a conscious effort to do) is to be on time everywhere. But I can’t just say I want to be on time and expect it to happen. More often than not, I’m running behind schedule because I tell myself I can (or “need to”) get this last thing finished before I leave. So for me, I’ve got to create the habit of giving myself cutoff times on my tasks, so that I’ve got plenty of time to get to the places that I need to go. For others with an issue of being late, maybe it’s waking up earlier, or preparing clothes/bags the night before, that needs to be addressed.

Every surface issue that we seek to change, has an underlying root, and it’s usually the root that needs to be addressed in order to alter the surface issue. Bad habits are tougher to change than to let go of. But we cannot let go of them without a better habit to replace them. It’d be like trying to change a poor diet without keeping your refrigerator stocked with healthy options. At some point, you fall back into what’s easy and comfortable.

As the new year approaches, and we decide what growth we want to see, it’s important that we address the roots of our concerns. And there’s no reason to wait until the first to address those concerns. Continue to use December as a month of preparation for the positive things that are waiting to spring forth in the coming months!

Make it a GREAT day!

Stay blessed.