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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Gifts for Girlfriends. It can be a difficult thing to pick out the perfect gifts for significant others so LAS is stepping in and offering up some last minute suggestions. If you’ve left it until now, you may need the help we’re offering! Get on it, guy!

It’s not too late.  You can still get your girlfriend some killer gifts before the Holidays are fully upon us.  But you have to act fast and you have to shop smart.  LAS is helping you out with a quick list of TEN great gifts that are sure to go over smashingly.  Smashingly in a good way, of course.  We’ve been through it ourselves, so we want to help you through the at-times difficult gifting process, if you haven’t finished already.

10. Portolano Mittens

Portolano specializes in super soft, yet durable, wool hats, mittens and scarves.  Some of the LAS staffers have owned their wares and we can vouch for the quality level.  These make for a great stocking stuffer and practical gift she can use right away.  They also show your concern for her hands in the cold Winter weather.

Portolano Wool Mittens Women's

9. Toms Shoes

From our experience, girls like Toms Shoes and they look good in them too!

Toms Shoes Girlfriend Christmas Gift

8. A Quality Camera

You could get a Canon Digital Rebel XT brand new for around $830.  OR… you could buy a refurbished camera for $350.  The refurbished cameras are often just as good as brand new cameras and the savings are truly amazing.  $500 discounts don’t come around every day!  If you’re feeling guilty about buying a refurbished camera and not a brand new one (then you may be crazy), you can make up for it by picking up some camera accessories and still stay well under the purchase price for a brand new unit!

Canon refurbished camera

7. Jo Malone Candles

We always thought a candle was a candle.  Then we realized how wrong we were.  Jo Malone candles are exceptional.  They smell amazing, burn slowly and correctly and if you buy one for your girlfriend, she’ll be endlessly impressed that you know good candles.  It might seem like a weird gift, but trust us, it will be appreciated.

jo malone candle

6. Books

Sure, you can go online and buy your girl some books.  That’s easy.  But we’re not including a link for that because its just so obvious.  If you really want to blow her mind, get a list of her favorite books and her favorite authors.  Then go to a Used or Old Books store and actually talk to your local purveyor of fine hardcovers.  The people who work at used book stores are super knowledgeable and helpful, in general.  This is the kind of “next level” gift that shows you care.  Well worth the drive, subway trip, walk, etc.

TS Eliot Practical Cats Old Book

5. An LAS Slouch

Lax All Stars Beanies

4. A 1-year subscription to JewelMint

If your girlfiend is into jewelry, look no further than JewelMint. It’s a members-only subscription jewelry line by Kate Bosworth that delivers a new piece of jewelry to your girl each month based on her personal taste. Membership is $30/month, and most monthly items retail for over $100.

Kate Bosworth JewelMint

3. Comfy Highlander Sheepskin Slippers

Everyone loves a warm, comfortable pair of slippers.  She’ll unwrap them, put ’em on and love you for it.

Highlander Sheepskin Slippers

2. Harry Potter Scarf

Is your girl Gryffindor or Slitheren?  Either way you can help her with her house spirit by picking up one of these Harry Potter House Scarves.  Harry Potter isn’t just for children, after all!

Harry Potter scarf griffindor

1. Flowers!

Sure, they won’t last ’til next Christmas.  They probably won’t even last two weeks but she’ll appreciate it.  Flowers are always a good call and they prove you’re willing to go that extra mile.  In the end, that’s really what gift giving is all about.  It’s not about the money spent, the number of gifts or anything like that.  It’s about going the extra distance to show you care.  You’re welcome for this last piece of advice!

flowers for Christmas

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