top 5 lacrosse gifts from the las shop shopping sunday
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Top 5 Lacrosse Gifts from the LAS Shop

We launched an all-new online store last week featuring several new LAS items. This new shop is special because it can do a lot of things, including let you donate lacrosse sticks in your local area! Check out our top 5 lacrosse gifts from the LAS shop below.

Top 5 Lacrosse Gifts

From the LaxAllStars Shop…

The LAS Camper HatNo. 5

Available in 7 different colors

LaxAllStars camper hats

Take on every day in style with the new LAS Camper Hat, available with either our men’s or men’s logo.

Men’s Logo Camper Hat

Lacrosse All Stars Identity Camper Hat

Women’s Logo Camper Hat

LaxAllStars camper hats - top 5 lacrosse gifts

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No. 4 LAS Smartphone Cases

Available for all iPhone and Galaxy models

phone cases

View all phone cases

No. 3WPLL Grow The Game® Merchandise

Available in women’s, men’s and youth sizes

wpll - women's professional lacrosse leagueView all WPLL merch

No. 2SISU Mouthguards

Junior & Aero models available in multiple colors

Aero NextGen Mouthguard

aero nextgen mouthguard

Junior NextGen Mouthguard

SISU NextGen Junior Mouth Guard
Intense Red

View ALL SISU Mouthguards

No. 1TWIG Wooden Lacrosse Stick

Buy one TWIG or a bundle of ’em

View All Wood Lacrosse Sticks

Use code “hattrick” for $5 off every hat in the LAS Shop!