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Chenango Top String
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Top String Tuesday: Chenango Time

If you’re a gear-head like myself, you might have noticed the latest top string trend sweeping the nation: The Chenango Top String! As far as we can tell, this top string was first created by Syracuse men’s lacrosse player Matt Pratt in his attempt to deal with and alter the four inch shooting string rule.

What Pratt originally did was pull the sides of the top string down a couple holes on the sidewall, creating a more defined channel. Having a better, more defined channel in your stick will make throwing and shooting more consistent.

After you watch video above explaining what exactly the Chenango top string is, take a look at this tutorial from Andrew Ratzke to find out how to string one for yourself!

Remember, there is no wrong way to string a stick as long as it works for you. This was just one rendition of Top String Tuesday, and I look forward to seeing many more top strings to come!