Rutgers Club Lacrosse: Operation Richmond

Kevin McGuirl, President of the Rutgers Club Lacrosse Team, updates us with how his team is getting to the NCLL lacrosse championships in Richmond, Virginia! Operation Richmond commence!

Penn State Club Lacrosse: Road To The ‘Ship

Jimmy Ciccone is back with an inside look at the Penn State Lacrosse Club in the NCLL. These kids can really ball and get little to no press whatsoever (this is true of the NCLL in general) and LAS is here to remedy that!

Morgan State Lacrosse Club: A Brief History & Current Highlight Video

Morgan_state_lacrosse 2010

Have you heard of the Morgan State Lacrosse team? The team has seen some ups and downs, but a group of students is trying to bring the game back to this historically African-American institution of higher learning. After all, a state university in Maryland without a lacrosse team is a crime! College kids, re-Growing the Game!