PLL Assists: Growing a Inclusive and Accessible Game

PLL Assists

In lacrosse, access to the sport can come at a higher cost compared to other sports. A good stick, gloves, helmet, and pads can cost $250 plus dollars not including balls and goals. This access has been a barrier or entry to some picking up the game. PLL Assists is committed to breaking down these […]

What is Lacrosse Recruiting Academy?

lacrosse recruiting academy

Have you ever asked any of the following questions when it comes to the college lacrosse recruitment process? Can my child play college lacrosse? How do we start the college lacrosse recruiting process? Where do you begin? What should we know about the college recruiting process? How do you become recognized by college lacrosse coaches? […]

PLL Assists: Changing the Narrative of Lacrosse


Paul and Mike Rabil had a vision to change the landscape of professional lacrosse in 2018. They have done so by creating a venture-capital-based league that has grown from an initial six teams to now eight. Their tour-based model has brought professional lacrosse from the traditional hotbeds of Baltimore and Long Island to emerging markets […]

Summer Saturday of Lacrosse Action: Weekend Recap

summer lacrosse

This is a story about a singular summer Saturday that featured four live lacrosse games shown on national television. The menu was diverse. Insanely talented men, women, boys and girls showcasing the sport. The action Saturday was riveting. ESPN’s commitment to lacrosse is evident and provides a pathway to national prominence, recognition, and eyeballs. The […]

Three Changes to Fix World Lacrosse Sixes

World Lacrosse Sixes

Last week, we finally got our first glimpse of the new Sixes format of lacrosse on the international stage at The World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. The games were fast, fun, and quite often tight, coming down to the wire. Sixes showcased a ton of the talent and skill presented in other versions of lacrosse. […]

NCAA Conference Realignment: How Does This Change Lacrosse?

ncaa conference realignment

The landscape of the NCAA has been in shambles for multiple months now due to NCAA conference realignment. USC and UCLA set off their own fireworks when news broke that they were leaving the PAC-12 for the Big Ten Conference. Some compared the move to Texas and Oklahoma’s surprise announcement to leave the Big 12 […]

Is the Gait D Good for Lacrosse?

Gait D

Innovation is the name of the game in lacrosse. I couldn’t even begin to imagine where the game would be without it. While that same argument could be made about any other sport, it certainly holds more weight in lacrosse due to how equipment heavy the game is. In the mid-2000s, the lacrosse world ran […]

Coast to Coast: Lacrosse Recruiting Growth Over the Past 20 Years

lacrosse recruiting

The college lacrosse recruiting process has evolved extensively over the past two decades. While traditional hotbeds still reign supreme, we can see that colleges are starting to recruit in new regions. This newfound expansion is paving the way for lacrosse to break out of the East Coast stereotype that it holds today. Bubba Fairman is […]

Lacrosse Doesn’t Have to End After the Final Whistle

lacrosse end

There is one question that has lingered in the back of my mind ever since I got on the bus ride home after my very last college lacrosse game. It was a bitter ending to my collegiate lacrosse career, one that you can see coming, yet there’s nothing you can do to prepare for the feelings you’ll have.  “What the hell do […]

How a 2 a.m. Lacrosse TV Re-Run Changed My Life

Katie Facciola

Lacrosse is a huge part of my identity. If you don’t know who I am, my name is Katie Facciola, but the lax world knows me as Foss. I gained popularity on Instagram about five years ago for my stringing and dyeing work I would post, and in 2019, I opened my very own store […]

The Growth of Women’s Lacrosse Is Limitless

Kylie Ohlmiller women's lacrosse is limitless

When Taryn, my younger sister, and I would play in the backyard with our sticks as kids, we loved the limitless possibilities of the game. Lacrosse allowed us creativity in physical form, and the more we had our sticks in our hands, the more accustomed we would be to them, and thus the game would […]

Five Lacrosse Rules Explained for Beginners

lacrosse rules for beginners

For those who are just starting out in organized lacrosse, learning the rules and how they apply can be quite the task. So, we’ve broken down five lacrosse rules that are a little more complicated or nuanced for beginners to help bridge the knowledge gap and get new players up to speed faster. Five Lacrosse […]