Arizona Lacrosse: The State of the Sport

Arizona lacrosse

When imagining Arizona, one thinks of the Grand Canyon, the cascading water in Havasupai Falls, or even Devils Bride in Sedona – these are some of the landmarks that represent our desert climate and triple-digit heat. Lacrosse might not be where your mind goes immediately when Arizona comes up. Moving to Arizona more than 18 […]

Iowa Lacrosse: The State of the Sport

Iowa lacrosse

Yes, there’s lacrosse in Iowa, and it’s better than you probably think. The world is lacrosse is constantly growing. From Japan to Puerto Rico, we are always pleased to hear about its incredible international growth. As the game grows internationally, it also grows in America. Lacrosse has been big for years in traditional hotbeds like […]

How to Convince Your Friends to Play Lacrosse

lacrosse friends

How can you convince your friends to play lacrosse? Growing the game is something many in the lacrosse community are passionate about, and that means convincing new people to pick up a stick and give the sport a shot. But with knowledge of lacrosse limited, especially in some places more than others, it can be […]

Detroit United Lacrosse: Growing The Game

Detroit United Lacrosse

The Detroit United Lacrosse Association is a citywide youth organization dedicated to developing student athletes of character and integrity who will serve as positive members of the community.  DETROIT UNITED LACROSSE: GROWING THE GAME Detroit, Michigan. It’s a place that elicits memories of the Bad Boys, the Russian Five, of Barry Sanders and Joe Louis. […]

Alaska: The Last Frontier for Lacrosse in the U.S.


As we continue our mission to explore the field, we want to take a look at the lacrosse community in Anchorage, Alaska, more than 4,250 miles away from Powell’s office in Syracuse, New York. It might be hard to picture playing sports in a place many people might see as wild and untamed, but Alaskans […]

John Paul – Game Grower Spotlight

John "JP" Paul has been working to grow the game of lacrosse for years, so we asked him some questions about his time in the sport.

John Paul, or JP as most people know him, is this week’s featured guest on the Going Offsides Podcast. Game Grower Spotlight: John Paul Why did you attend Michigan? I transferred to Michigan as a junior. I started out at Albion College, but I wasn’t ready. I then worked for four years (while playing at […]

A Firsthand Account of the Growth & Development of Division II Lacrosse

Marty Ward, the head men's lacrosse coach at Florida Southern College, has witnessed the growth of Division II lacrosse as a player and coach.

Marty Ward is the head men’s lacrosse coach at Florida Southern College and has been involved with Division II lax for nearly two decades. He has witnessed the growth of Division II lacrosse firsthand since his playing days and now into his coaching career. We’re fortunate and proud to be welcoming new contributors to our […]

Turtle Island Scholarship Seeks Indigenous Youth Applicants

Turtle Island Scholarship Seeks Indigenous Youth Applicants

Continuing in its commitment to supporting underserved athletes in their pursuit of lacrosse and education, the Give & Go Foundation has followed up the launch of the Kyle Harrison Scholarship Fund with the Turtle Island Scholarship Fund to focus on aiding Indigenous youth. Recently launched by pro lacrosse stars from Six Nations, Randy Staats and […]

Kyle Harrison Scholarship Fund Now Seeking Applicants

Kyle Harrison Scholarship Fund

On September 10, the Give & Go Foundation launched the Kyle Harrison Scholarship fund in an action effort to create a more diverse and inclusive environment within the game of lacrosse. The effort will identify a young Black lacrosse player through an application process and provide financial support in their pursuit of higher education and […]

Gear The Globe Initiative Launched By 9th Grader

gear the globe

Sam Cardella, a 9th grader from Mendham, NJ. who plays for the STEPS Elite 2022 White team is looking to grow the game of lacrosse internationally by leading an equipment drive for teams around the world called Gear the Globe. Sam came up with the idea of collecting used gear through a traveling shipping container […]