Native Vision Needs Your Support

native vision native american lacrosse

While Native Americans originated the game of lacrosse, many children in reservation communities today have never touched a stick. Native Vision, a sports and life skills program led by the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, is working to change that in partnership with indigenous players and mentors from the lacrosse community. (Alf Jacques, […]

Partnership Formed To Grow Lacrosse Worldwide

Partnership Give and Go Foundation Lacrosse All Stars

Giving the gift of lacrosse and responsibly growing the game around the world is now a little bit easier thanks to a strategic partnership between industry leading media outlet Lacrosse All Stars and the Give & Go Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded by professional players Adam Ghitelman and Scott Ratliff. The two organizations recently began […]

Community Spotlight: Kevin Farrell

kevin farrell Insider Spotlight

Welcome to our Insider spotlight series, where we recognize a member of our Insider community who is doing their part to Grow the Game of lacrosse. Today’s spotlight is on Kevin Farrell, who works for a technology and digital consulting company and still finds time to balance a wife and two kids, along with lacrosse […]

Montana Lacrosse Film by Mike Powell

At the beginning of every lacrosse season, I always watch this short film by Mike Powell. It documents our experience traveling the Pacific Northwest on the Grow The Game Tour in 2012, and watching it always reinforces our purpose. This journey changed my life and the future of Lacrosse All Stars forever! Growing the game […]

Learn 2 Lax Lessons Kick Off In Massachusetts

learn 2 lax - learn to play lacrosse

Learn 2 Lax lessons are now underway in the Bay State of Massachusetts. The organization provides the tools and platform to help boys and girls get started with lacrosse – even if they’ve never played before or are too young for other programs. Learn 2 Lax was started by Tyler Low and Jason Wellemeyer, owners of PrimeTime Lacrosse in, when […]

Donate Lacrosse Sticks this Holiday Season

donate lacrosse sticks

If you’ve ever wanted to donate lacrosse sticks, now is the time! Here at Lacrosse All Stars, we’re always looking for the best ways to give back to lacrosse and grow the game. Today we’re pleased to announce our newest project and get it underway with your help! The opportunity to donate lacrosse sticks is […]

Spain Lacrosse: A History

spain lacrosse history

Despite its long and important history in countries like the US or the UK, lacrosse is a very young sport in Spain. In fact, its presence in the land of wine was pretty much non-existent during the 20th century. The only reason lacrosse managed to spring up in Spain was the love, dedication and effort […]

Highbridge: A Bronx Lacrosse Story

Bronx Lacrosse Story

Bronx Lacrosse is changing the game of life for kids in a community that could use more opportunity. Dan Leventhal, a former Tufts Lacrosse player, is the man behind it all.