Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning
Learn how to use a medicine ball to add velocity to your lacrosse shot by developing core strength and increased mobility.
Shane Franken shares with you 4 tips that you can implement right away to help you at tryouts and to maximize your potential this spring lacrosse season.
Lacrosse pro Drew Snider teaches you Ladder Math, his favorite agility drill that improves footwork, verbal communication, and making decisions on the fly.
Editor's Note: A former two-sport DI athlete at Fairfield University, Kelly has dedicated his life to building better lacrosse athletes, on and off of the field. Sean contributes regularly from his state-of-the-art Sports and Mental Preparation Facility in New Jersey. Take...
Is bench pressing necessary for the lacrosse athlete? No, but having a strong upper body is, and that is where the bench press can validate itself in the context of a strength and conditioning program.
There are right and wrong ways to build core strength. Let Volt Coach Jace clear up some misconceptions and get you on track for the season!
Lacrosse athletes—and all athletes in general—will benefit from progressing into heavy squats. While enticing, the road to big weight on the bar starts by mastering unloaded movement mechanics first.
Nina Dunay of the Liberty lacrosse team drops one of the better quotes that we have heard in a long while. She uses PB&J to relate lacrosse to fitness.

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