How To String Traditional Pockets

Throne takeover leathers traditional

Have you ever wondered how to string traditional pockets? Now is the perfect time to learn! Enjoy our collection of video tutorials for traditional pockets below: Traditional with Multiple Strings   Double Traditional   Six Shooter Two Leather Pita Pocket

Breaking-In A Traditional Pocket, Part 2: #TheGopherProject

breaking-in a traditional pocket #thegopherproject

This week we’re going to revisit the STX Stallion Omega I strung up here.  Here the focus is on adjusting the pocket as it breaks in. This is Part 2 of breaking-in a traditional pocket. Breaking-In A Traditional Pocket, Part 2 Alright, here’s what you need: A strung traditional pocket  Patience…. So, let’s take a […]

How To Break In A Traditional Pocket: #TheGopherProject

Nike Elite Lacrosse Head with 6 Diamond Traditional Pocket

This week we’re going to look into how I break in a traditional pocket. Note, how I do this may be different from others, there’s no “right” way. It’s important to remember that breaking in a traditional pocket is a gradual process, it’s not something you can do over night.  However, once broken in and […]

#TheGopherProject: Spotlight On Andrew McCrite


This week on #TheGopherProject we grab our Hogwarts robes and head to platform 9 3/4!  I know what you’re thinking “Kevin, this is a lacrosse article, why did you go dork it up?” Well, for one, I am a dork so this is pretty natural.  Two, we are taking a trip to see stringing wizardry. […]

#TheGopherProject: May Monthly Mailbag


It’s May! Time for another mailbag on #TheGopherProject!  This time, we’ll break these questions into four sections (stringing, heads, dyes and summer!). Stringing Do you prefer SI (Special Interlock) or KSI (Knotted Special Interlock)? I prefer the KSI since I like how it locks the mesh and knot in place. If done correctly, it won’t […]

Space Commander: Traditional Goalie Head on #TheGopherProject

This week, I lost my sanity stringing up my version of the Space Commander for today’s installment of #TheGopherProject.  While there are several challenging string-ups in the community, the Space Commander is at the top of the hill.  Not only is it a lot of time to string (you’ll see below), it’s a giant pain […]

Vintage Lacrosse Head: The Barney — #TheGopherProject

This week we’re going old — I’m stringing up a vintage lacrosse head. That’s right, the STX Barney.  Let’s take a quick recap of the Barney. This head was released in the late 1970s and was off the market by 1983 (or around that time).  This was primarily a defensive head where the SAM was […]

#TheGopherProject Spotlight: Robin Brown


For the first #TheGopherProject spotlight, how could I not pick someone who I consider the queen of stringers?  I do not think there is anything Robin cannot do. Dye a head? Check. String a phenomenal traditional women’s pocket?  Check. String mesh in any stick? Check. Since my traditional tutorial was geared towards the men, it’s […]

Stringing, Dyes, Heads: Monthly Mailbag — #TheGopherProject

stringing heads dyes #thegopherproject

Welcome to the newest monthly feature (well, I guess everything is new at this point, but you get my drift) on #TheGopherProject, the Monthly Mailbag.  My goal is to take great questions I find that you submit during the month and answer them here. Now, you may see I’ve edited some of the questions you’ve […]

Stringing a Six-Diamond Traditional Pocket — #TheGopherProject

Last week we went through the steps to break and stretch in your leathers. This week, let’s take the next step. This is how I string my six-diamond pockets, it may be different from how others string theirs. Remember, there is one way to string this. If this differs from how you do it, let […]