The Gopher Project: How to Break in Leathers

Welcome to The Gopher Project!  My name is Kevin aka Gopherlax.   Every Thursday here on LaxAllStars, we’re going to take a look at one aspect of stringing.  Unlike Traditional Thursday’s in the past, I will not be focused solely on traditional stringing.  I envision this space having a collection of tutorials, new twists on pockets and spotlights from […]

Floating Sidewall Pita Pocket – USA

floating sidewall pita pocket

We teamed up with StylinStrings to offer FIVE Limited Edition Floating Sidewall Pita Pockets, and these things are MINT! Here’s a little more info and background on this LE product we’re proud to have helped produce. While I love stringing, there is no way I could offer out my services to people. I simple don’t […]

Wood Stick Wednesday: Mohawk Manufacturing Company


The Mohawk Manufacturing Company was a huge name in lacrosse back when wooden sticks were the only available option, and over 40 years ago you could buy one in a hardware store for about $8 pretty much anywhere in Ontario.

Wood Stick Wednesday: Thompson & Sons


Welcome to Wood Stick Wednesday! We have wooden sticks from Thompson & Sons Lacrosse Company. Thompson & Sons is run by Mike Thompson out of Akwesasne.

New Hybrid Pocket: Traditional Thursday


I came up with a new hybrid pocket (or at least what I think is a new hybrid pocket) by combining different elements from a couple traditional variations.