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Breaking-In A Traditional Pocket, Part 2: #TheGopherProject

breaking-in a traditional pocket #thegopherproject

This week we’re going to revisit the STX Stallion Omega I strung up here.  Here the focus is on adjusting the pocket as it breaks in. This is Part 2 of breaking-in a traditional pocket. Breaking-In A Traditional Pocket, Part 2 Alright, here’s what you need: A strung traditional pocket  Patience…. So, let’s take a […]

Rock-It Ladder Pocket: #TheGopherProject

Alright, it’s time for another tutorial! This time we’re taking the concept of the Rock-It Pocket and combining that with the women’s ladder pocket. Now, the center channel of the Rock-It Pocket has always been one of my favorite traditional pockets. When done correctly, it gives you great hold and moves the ball quickly out […]

How To Break In A Traditional Pocket: #TheGopherProject

Nike Elite Lacrosse Head with 6 Diamond Traditional Pocket

This week we’re going to look into how I break in a traditional pocket. Note, how I do this may be different from others, there’s no “right” way. It’s important to remember that breaking in a traditional pocket is a gradual process, it’s not something you can do over night.  However, once broken in and […]

Trameshional Tradmesh Stringing Tutorial

Trameshional Tradmesh Stringing Tutorial

A couple of months back, we put up a couple of tradmesh pockets photos on Instagram that I dubbed Trameshional. Perhaps that name is stupid, but I’d never seen this variation of tradmesh done before, even though I’m sure it has been. People asked for a tutorial, I took my sweet time in making one, and now it’s here.

Inside Weave Stringing Tutorial

Inside Weave Stringing Tutorial

Today we’re picking up where we left the off in the recent spotlight with Lars (AKA Sidewall Jedi). We’re going to look at another option to stringing to the inside with David Swartz (AKA Smashtime Strings): the inside weave! This technique applies the concept of stringing to the inside, but involves running the sidewall string […]

Reclaiming a Lacrosse Head: #TheGopherProject

Reclaiming a Lacrosse Head: #TheGopherProject

Today we’re reclaiming a lacrosse head. You can choose any lacrosse head and follow along. My goal is here is to take a head that wasn’t the commercial hit (that doesn’t mean it was a failure by the way) and see if I can construct a pocket that could turn this into a gamer. There […]

Dandy Dyes: #TheGopherProject Spotlight

#thegopherproject dandy dyes

This month, #TheGopherProject spotlight is squarely on Martin Dandy aka Dandy Dyes! If you’ve been on Instagram the last few years, you’ll know his account.

Box Pinch Revisited: #TheGopherProject

box pinch #thegopherproject

This week on #TheGopherProject, Kevin Henry revisits the box pinch. This time, he is showing how different stringing styles can affect a head’s performance.

Bone Laxdip Dye: #TheGopherProject

#thegopherproject bone laxdip dye

Watch this week’s edition of #TheGopherProject, as Kevin Henry shows us how to properly execute the Bone Laxdip Dye. Bone Laxdip Dye: #The GopherProject Check out last week’s edition of #TheGopherProject where Kevin shows us how to string the Corner Pocket here on Lacrosse All Stars.

Inside Out Dye: #TheGopherProject

For this week’s edition of #TheGopherProject, we are about to tackle one of the trickier dyes out there.  That’s right, it’s the Inside-Out Dye. These dyes are challenging in that you don’t see how well it turned out until you peel off all the vinyl and glue.  One tiny seam can ruin the entire dye, […]