Erick Weiss is leading the charge to get a lacrosse emoji added to the iPhone before the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship at Onondaga Reservation.
In this episode, we asked the coaches who attended LaxCon 4 questions and we got some interesting answers. It was also a chance to test out GameChanger with the public.
Imitation in the lacrosse industry doesn't bother me, but what does bother me is the amount of smack talk between direct competitors in the lacrosse space.
As the holidays quickly approach, we thought we'd help out and create your wish list for you! :) Check out the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide now!
The truth of the matter is that the whole notion of mouth guards protecting your head is just that - a notion. Somebody came up with this a very long time ago, and since we are so used to taking what is written for granted, that's what people have believed.
Sitting in the stands for an uncompetitive Virginia high school tournament game in Charlottesville this past May, Todd Boward was looking for a distraction. As he gazed around the fields, something caught the Christopher Newport men's lacrosse coach's eye.
Connor Wilson is bringing up the age old Lacrosse Patents topic because two different patentable products are about to change, and the impact on the game could be pretty notable... In fact, we're already seeing some pretty big changes!

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