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Goalie Specific Drills & Tips

Lacrosse goalie drills and tips

These are some lacrosse goalie specific drills and tips to do before any training session. The most inarguable fact in lacrosse is that goalie is the toughest position to play. Not only is it the toughest to play, but it’s also the toughest to train for. Training and refining your goalie skills often times includes […]

Defining Toughness In College Lacrosse

defining toughness in college lacrosse

Every once in a while, we’ll bring a post back from the dead that was as true then as it is today. This post about Toughness in Lacrosse fits the bill 100%. Red on to see what makes tough players great.

Greg Gurenlian – Training for Lacrosse

This week, we welcomed faceoff guru, fitness beast, and all around good guy Greg Gurenlian. Every single time we ask one of these current or former PLL guys to be on the show, they immediately say yes, and not only do they say yes, they come ready to talk. Some of the topics you can […]

Social Distancing, Lacrosse-Style

social distancing lacrosse style

Lacrosse teams, or at least buddies, from all over the US are getting creative when it comes social distancing and improving their stick skills… Take Chase Stephens and Peter Alessi, juniors at Scranton Prep in Honesdale, PA for example: This story started with a :10 second video shot by Richelle Stephens from Honesdale and sent […]

Backyard Creative Skills

backyard creative skills

Lax Film Study presents the “Backyard Creative Skills” playlist. We hope you enjoy! Receive complete access to the Lacrosse Film Study Library when you support The Give & Go Foundation! Click here to learn more…

Wall Ball Drill: Off-Hip Variation

wall ball drill: off-hip variation

I originally shared this wall ball drill on the LaxGoalieNetwork Instagram account, but I think the “off-hip variation” should be of interest to all players! Prepare to miss a few catches as you get started… 🪓 Off-Hip Wall-Ball Drill Variation. 📖 This Drill can help isolate the Bottom Hand & Elbow Motions on your Off-Side […]

Goalie Tips: Brick By Brick

Five Lacrosse Goalie Tips

Watch and learn! Today I’m bringing you five goalie tips suitable for a lacrosse player at any level. But first… Look no further than the Premier Lacrosse League to witness outstanding play between the pipes. Goalie play has been spectacular so far this season. The efforts I’ve seen inspired me to pay tribute with this […]