Best Lacrosse Games of 2021

best lacrosse games of 2021

There was some fantastic lacrosse in 2021, the year that essentially marked the return of the sport after the pandemic upended so much in 2020. Classic national championship contests, dramatic PLL contests, and more made up some of the best lacrosse games of 2021. Let this collection of some of the best lacrosse contests from […]

21 Great Lacrosse Plays from 2021

21 great lacrosse plays from 2021

The pandemic meant we didn’t get the lacrosse we deserved in 2020, but the sport has made a comeback in 2021, and we’re all better for it. Though there is still a bit of time left in the year, we’re too eager to wait – these are some of the 21 best lacrosse plays from […]

Savannah Safchuck: A Day in the Life

Savannah Safchuck a day in the life

Savannah Safchuck is a Class of 2022 Towson lacrosse commit out of Mercy High School in Baltimore, and this is a day in her life. Savannah Safchuck: A Day in the Life It all begins at 5 a.m. for Savannah Safchuck. The morning routine includes packing clothes and food for the day, all with athletics […]

Luke Miller: A Day in the Life

Luke Miller lacrosse a day in the life

Luke Miller is a sophomore student, lacrosse player, and football player at McDonogh School in Owings Mills, Maryland, and lacrosse is a big part of what he does. This is a day in the life of the Class of 2024 recruit, in his own words. I think what helped me be prepared last season was […]

Top 10 Lacrosse Summer Highlights 2021

Top 10 Lacrosse Summer Highlights 2021

Labor Day has come and gone, so that means another summer in the history books. Lacrosse was on fire during Summer 2021, with tons of incredible moments and highlights that Eric Bowden was lucky enough to experience and record through his camera lens. Eric combed through his video vault and uncovered the top 10 highlights […]

Lacrosse Mini Doc: Fivestar Championship Challenge

Lacrosse Mini Doc Fivestar Championship Challenge

The Fivestar Championship Challenge featured some of the best Class of 2023 athletes in the country all in one place, and Eric Bowden was there to capture it all. In the days since the event, the talented videographer has put together a mini doc celebrating the high-level lacrosse the event brought to Columbia, Maryland. Featuring […]

Sick Stick Checks Vol. I – Lax Film Study

Sick Stick Checks Vol. I - Lax Film Study

Sick stick checks! Say that three times fast… You hang it, they bang it. There’s plenty of goal highlights out there, but there’s not enough footage in circulation of your heroes of yesteryear getting absolutely yard-saled by a bruiser with quick hands. This should be a lesson in stick protection to everyone out there. You’re […]

Dive Outs: The Timeless Art of Racing to Regain Possession

Dive Outs: The Timeless Art of Racing to Regain Possession

This play could happen 20 times in a game or not at all. If it’s down to the wire and both teams are chomping for the win, you can bet that you’ll see a good dive out at least once before the game ends. We’re talking about at least one member of each squad in […]

Ian Dingman, the Other Carthage Comet to Remember From 2004

Ian Dingman, the Other Carthage Comet to Remember From 2004

I don’t know what’s in the water in that neck of the woods, but something about Carthage Senior High School produces world-class talent. From the need-no-introduction Powell brothers to certified double-platinum recording artist Khalid, Comets have turned out to be some absolute game-changers. Ian Dingman is no exception. A 2002 graduate of Carthage, Dingman took […]

Race In Lacrosse: A Conversation with Isaiah Davis-Allen

Race in Lacrosse

Isaiah Davis-Allen, 2020 Cascade David Huntley Man of the Year, discusses race in lacrosse and the challenges of being an African American player. Davis-Allen also leads the discussion on how to create new opportunities for minority players and lacrosse players of all ages and backgrounds throughout the communities MLL serves.

Redwoods Jerry Ragonese Talks Face-masks and Face-offs

Jerry Ragonese Malcolm Chase face-pff face-masks

Editor’s Note: Malcolm Chase has left the gym long enough to catch up with another man that is no stranger to heavy weight, Jerry Ragonese. Malcolm checks in via Zoom to find out how Ragonese has pivoted training and work to adapt to COVID-19 shutdowns. This year’s been challenging for everyone in the lacrosse community. […]

1989 Couldn’t Handle Matt Panetta, Hopkins Great

1989 Couldn't Handle Matt Panetta, Hopkins Great

Currently preparing for the PLL season as an assistant of Chaos LC, Matt Panetta was once a 3x All-American and contender for the 1989 National Championship. One of the Johns Hopkins all-time greats, Panetta finished his career ranked 14th on the Blue Jays career goals list (86), 10th for points (156) and ninth in assists […]