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Sponsored by Volt Athletics
Today's #WorkoutWednesday post is focused on how to lift weights to be more explosive, resulting in bigger hits on the lacrosse field.
The shoulder is very unique in that it is the most mobile join in the human body is used in nearly every human sporting action. And due to its large range of motion (ROM), the shoulder can end up in some highly stressful, unstable, injury-prone positions.
Injuries on the lacrosse field are, unfortunately, part of the game. It’s the same for any sport that involves contact, especially one where physicality is necessary to compete. While some elements of the game are unavoidable, what can make the...
Whether you're traveling, spending a week at grandma's in the country, or stuck in an east Turkish prison, there is always time for some bodyweight training to maintain your strength.
Forearm and grip strength are often overlooked in a lacrosse athlete’s training plan—but definitely shouldn’t be. The muscles of the hand and forearm are the final point at which energy is transferred from your body into the stick.
I'm shedding the light on reasons why you might not be getting stronger in the gym!
Unless you are working with a strength coach, chances are you don’t have too much guidance in your off-season training. This can lead to a lot of common mistakes that many athletes make when trying to develop their fitness for the upcoming season.
Shooting is a dynamic skill that requires a lot of practice to develop. The right combination of strength, speed, and skill all play a part in shooting with high velocity.

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