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Toronto Rock Win in OT Over Wings, Face Mammoth Saturday

It looked like the Philadelphia Wings were going to steal their first season win from the Toronto Rock last Friday night, as they were up 10-9 with about 30 seconds to go in the fourth quarter. Coach Matt Sawyer took a risk and put out Tom Schreiber and Rob Hellyer to kill the penalty in the final minute, and it paid off as a Philadelphia player hit the post and Hellyer was able to make a play. Hellyer let the ball bounce to Schreiber who was able to pick up a loose ball and score a diving goal that tied the game.

Adam Jones then scored the game winning goal in overtime for the Toronto Rock on a laser to the top corner which was his fifth of the night.

Tom Schreiber and Adam Jones each scored five goals and Brandon Slade was the only other Rock player to score in the game. This is both a little scary and encouraging for the Rock offense. Yes, it would be better to have had a more balanced offense and have more than two players scoring all of their goals, but keep in mind that the game before Rob Hellyer was the one with five goals and several other players scoring against Georgia. Adam Jones did not even score in that game and then scored five against the Wings. Different players are stepping up each game to produce points and this has to continue to keep opposing teams guessing on who they need to focus on.

The defense also needs to contribute with goals of their own in transition if the offense is struggling in future games. The Toronto Rock’s defense was solid in the win, but allowed a few goals when Philly players were able to cut to the net and finish in front. Heading into their fourth game of the season next week, they should be in great shape now that they have had several games to work the kinks out early in the season.

The win against the Wings is a huge confidence booster for the Rock as they continue the season and know that they are able to seal the deal at the end of games.