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Traditional Thursday: Brine Edge Pita

If you weren’t using a Brine Edge back in the late 90s and early 2000s people would look at you funny. It was the stick of sticks, the stick of kings, and the stick that everyone wanted to use. It was offset, had an open sidewall structure, and was basically the bomb diggity. (Bomb diggity is acceptable to use as a descriptive term because that phrase was considered cool in the late 90s.)


You want proof that nearly everyone used an edge back then? Ok, here you go:

Doug Shanahan won the first ever Tewaaraton in 2001. He played with a Rock-it Pocket in a Brine Edge.

Mike Powell being covered by Nick Polanco, and BOTH are using a Brine Edge.

Look back at the D1 First Team All Americans from 2001… At attack we have Powell, Tom Glatzel, and Conor Gill. The midfielders were Shanahan, Josh Coffman, Steve Dusseau, and Gavin Prout. Defenders were John Glatzel, Ryan Mollett, and Mark Koontz. Out of these ten first teamers, all but THREE used the Edge (Prout, Duesseau, and Mollett used different sticks). It truly was the do-it-all spoon of its day.

And it’s not going anywhere…

I am a fan of the newer Brine Edge Superlight, the newest version of this ultra classic head. It’s got a lot of sidewall holes, and it’s tough like the Old Edge with a wide face that isn’t TOO wide. Plus a Pita Pocket still looks amazing, and works like a charm!


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