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Traditional Thursday: Excess String Thing


Welcome to another fantastic #TraditionalThursday! This week we’ve got a couple newly strung heads for you to check out, and a fun thing you can start doing with all of your excess string. Let’s get right to it!

My Two-Tone Pita

The left is green, the right is blue, the MinLax leathers are thick, and this new Maverik Metrik is READY TO GO!


Greg Rose Revo3 – Single String

Greg Rose rode on through the LAS New York City HQ, and while he was here, he threw together a beautiful single string traditional pocket in this Revo3. It’s a head meant for defensemen, and this pocket compliments that design perfectly. What a shocker! Check out more from Greg on the ZenLax blog!


Someone got rewarded with an LAS box lacrosse jersey… lucky man!

Excess Lacrosse String Thing

When I have excess string from stringing sticks, I tie it onto a lanyard of excess string from the last year. I didn’t think it would get as long as it did as quickly as it did, but it just means I string a lot of sticks. It’s probably 8 or 9 feet long now. Grow the flow, huh.


We’ll be back next with a GREAT post from Billy Nguyen, where he answers a reader question, and gives a special type of pocket a try. It’s old school… sort of! You’ll have to check back next week for all the details!

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