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Traditional Thursday: Inside Billy’s Mind

I’m beginning to see this style shooting string pop up everywhere now, often at youth practices, and usually in neon colors for some reason… But I couldn’t ignore it any longer, especially now that our boy Ratzke hooked us up with a tutorial and in depth explanation on how it works. I decided to try this out in my gamer. I’m tired of seeing these things in mesh, why not use it in a traditional too?

Essentially, this is just stacking 2 shooters into one row of diamonds. This really just gives the ball more lace to hit on the way out. So if you like that stacked nylon feel, try this one out and update your look. Instead of keeping this braided nylon tight, I kept it fairly loose. It’s all preference anyways… Right?


Here’s what Connor Wilson had to say about the braided nylon theory in a traditional:

It looks like it would really lock in the top of the pocket, and provide a consistent release point, if done right. I often stack two thin nylon shooters (sometimes cross lace) up top, so I’ll have to give this a shot. Two birds, one stone type thing.

What do you think? Are you willing to try this out? Is it practical or just for looks?


Our very own Mr. Mark Powers gets a CityLAX Inc./New York Knicks themed traditional. He was very specific about wanting a 7 diamond, high pocket, only pita, with no shooters. How’d I do?