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Traditional Thursday: Professional Pockets

In yesterday’s Hot Pot we asked you to be on the look out for any college players using traditional pockets. We’ve found a couple, and received a couple of nominations as well, but we don’t want to leave the pros out of this either. Consider this a follow up to the 2012 Professional Lacrosse All Traditional Team.

We’ve found a couple of players that use traditional so far, but we know there are more out there. Help us find them, will ya? Send sightings in through the Tipline!

So far, we’ve got:

Shawn Nadelen – Baltimore Bombers – NALL


Photo Credit: 24 Seven Lax

Andrew Kirkaldy (#17) – Boston Rockhoppers – NALL

Also a former D3 guy playing in the pros. Double whammy.

Josh Sanderson – Toronto Rock – NLL

NLL 2011: Blazers vs Wings APR 09

It’s all traditional, all the time for Sanderson. We’re huge fans.

Greg Bice – Kentucky Stickhorses – NALL

So who are we missing? What other pro box lacrosse players are using traditional this winter?

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Got some Traditional you us to show off? Hit us up on the Tipline!