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Traditional Thursday: Slipping Knots

If you string a custom pocket with a TON of lockdown knots in it, your pocket won’t move much. Pita pockets, Heat pockets, and small diamond traditional pockets typically fall into this category. But wider pockets, like a five diamond traditional, or a Jeremy Thompson Replica pocket, can see knots that experience serious slippage.

How can you fix the problem of Slipping Knots as the pocket breaks in?

Noah Taylor basically asked me the exact question above, so I thought I’d share my answer with everyone, in case it helps you too:

You may have some work ahead of you… The first thing to do is to retighten the leathers up top so that they don’t hang so loose.


Once you’ve done this, you will see that the knots, especially on the middle two leathers, have probably made their way up the leather, towards the scoop. You’ll probably need to readjust the placement of the knots, and adjust some tension. It’s a pain, I know. I repeat the above process after using my stick any time during the break in period (two to three weeks) to keep it from getting too bad. Eventually, the pocket will settle in and you won’t need to do this very often.