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Traditional Thursday: Synthetic Leather

Welcome to Traditional Thursday! First up is a group photo. My traditional sticks decided to get together for a BBQ the other day, and this shot was the end result:

And now it’s time for the titled portion of this post… the Synthetic Leathers!

I got a package from The Stringer’s Shack, up in Massachusetts, and it included a bunch of different products, all are intriguing! There were two pieces of ultralight semisoft mesh, one of which is a hybrid piece, but there were also braided synthetic leathers, and those got me the most excited:

As you can see, the synthetic leathers (bottom left) are thick, and look super tough. I can’t wait to play around with them. The cross lace (bottom right) is also really nice, as it is thicker than I am used to, and I think this will create a really tough, long-lasting pocket. I also like it because it is red, and white. That never hurts.

I’ll string up a traditional using these synthetic leathers this weekend, break it in, and then let you know my thoughts on the product’s actual function next week. For this week, it’s all about fashion… and the Stringer’s Shack materials look great!

Check out the #TraditionalThursdays Archives for more great work with lace and leather, and don’t miss yesterday’s Hot Pot, which provided a DEEP understanding of the Pros and Cons of traditional stringing.