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Traditional Thursday: Synthetic Leathers Really Work!

We’ve run through some pretty spectacular traditional lacrosse pockets over the last couple of months in our Traditional Thursday posts, and this week is no exception! Last week we talked Doug Trettin’s EverPocket, and the week before that I displayed some synthetic leathers that had been sent my way courtesy of the Stringer’s Shack in Massachusetts.

Today, I try them out in a head, which is destined for a Binghamton Club player!

This Fall, Maverik invited me to a photo shoot in Brooklyn, so I asked if I could bring along a couple of my high school players, and an assistant coach. Mav said “of course!” and the rest was history. The kids got a face off lesson from Chris Eck, and also got hooked up with Maverik Spider 17 heads. I put the synthetic leathers in Joel’s Spider last week, and it came out great!

Chris Eck took some time out to teach face offs. What a guy!

At first, I was worried that the synthetic leathers would create a hard pocket, that had no give. However after I strung this bad boy up, I found those fears to unfounded. The pocket threw perfectly right away, and I had no problem catching, cradling, or feeling the ball in the pocket. The Stringer’s Shack recommends using synthetic on the outside, and real leathers on the inside, but I reversed it, because I’m like that. Still works great!

Next time up, I’m going ALL synthetic leathers, even on the outside! I just need a new head to string up… hopefully I’ll have that done for next week!

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