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Traditional Thursday: World Lacrosse Championships

Was there a lot of traditional at the World Lacrosse Championships? Yes there was, and I figured there would be at least a bit, but in the end there was WAY MORE TRADITIONAL than I thought there would be. That had me pretty excited!

Colombia and Main Photo Credit: Nok Nokkie

I saw a ton of players with Rock-it Pockets, and even more with mesh pockets in their heads (which were dyed by Rock-it Pocket). RiP had a team deal, and many of the programs took advantage of it. To see players from Colombia, Mexico, and a host of other countries all using the Rock-it Pocket was extremely cool. There was leather and cross lace everywhere…

Traditional Pockets Galore!


One of the guys on the Wales team even had a Rock-it Pocket replica strung up, and it looked as good as any replica pocket I’ve seen. Some truly impressive crafting on this number:


The Aussies also had a couple of guys using traditional sticks, and I heard that they strung them up themselves. Love that even more!

USA vs Australia - 2014 World Lacrosse Championship Semifinal Game

Of course there a bunch of Irqouis players using traditional, which you already know, because they used wooden sticks at times. Miles Thompson used traditional all the time, and went back to his Nike Lakota U from Albany:

Iroquois v Canada 6.17 World Lacrosse Championship

As user kdonsky6 pointed out, Ari Sussman of Israel was also using traditional, and it’s the same stick he’s used in the MLL and in his last year at Dartmouth. It’s an Old School Razer. Want to see it up close and personal? Here you go:

This New Zealand long pole was also rocking traditional, and it looked awesome:


Not a single player on Team USA or Team Canada used traditional as far as I could tell. A few Australian players did, and so did some of the Iroquois. I didn’t notice any players on England or Japan using traditional, and the same goes for Scotland. Interestingly enough, I saw a lot more of it at lower divisions, and there were a ton of kids and fans rocking traditional pockets:


But the baddest, most amazing traditional pocket was actually in a chair. I know that sounds bizarre, but it’s true.


Yup, that’s Ken Clausen sitting in a wooden lacrosse stick chair, flanked by members of Team Canada. The chair was made by Flip Naumburg, and it’s yet another testament to the man’s devotion to the wonderful sport of lacrosse:

For more great lacrosse video, subscribe to the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel!

There way too much traditional to keep track of at the WLC. I couldn’t keep up. I must say that’s a good thing! Viva la traditional!

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