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Traditional Thursday Easton Stealth Core
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Traditional Thursday: Sidewall Experiment

Welcome back to another traditional Thursday. This week, I had the pleasure of stringing up a lacrosse head for long-time LAS reader Paul Jones. He gave me free-reign on this Easton Core, so I had to come up with something special for him. He even came to New York to drop it off at the Apple Lacrosse Store for me.

Traditional Thursday Easton Stealth Core

I went with LAS colors for the gut and leathers. For sidewall and top string, I used my favorite colors.

Traditional Thursday Easton Stealth Core

This is a typical pita pocket with some slight modifications. If you look closely at the sidewall string, you will notice that I used a shooting string. Shooting strings will offer a little more stretch than a nylon would, causing the pocket to have a softer catch. It’s a similar theory to a shooting string used as a bottom string in mesh pockets.


Take a closer look at the top string and you will notice a slight difference, I incorporated both styles of top strings that I use in most/all of my traditional pockets. I love both styles so why not use both in one pocket? Since I used the teardrop top string on the center leathers, this pocket will not lip. Since the outers are sitting right below the plastic.

Does this channel the ball better? Yeah, but barely. Figure it out.

Traditional Thursday Easton Stealth Core

Big thanks to Paul Jones and most importantly traditional Thursday lovers for supporting my craft. Head over to to pick up a head strung by Connor Wilson, Greg Rose, or myself. You asked for it, now you got it!

Bonus Traditional Thursday

This is pretty cool. Of course CW is involved. Of course. Go!

Till next week.