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Traditional Thursdays: Leather-Less Traditional

Welcome back to #TraditionalThursdays! Every week we bring you a new traditional stick, and every week there will be something unique about the work. Our first stick was a rare Green Maverik Spider, then we went neon with String It Up, then we hooked Billy Bitter up with a Bad Boy, and last week we went USA with a dye and traditional on a Nike CEO.

To top all that we had to go extreme, and Kick Ash Lax helped us get there with a leather-less miniature traditional:

leather less traditional kick ash lax

We got a little more info from Dan Bray, of Kick Ash Lax:

We handcraft hardwood handles, pocket pounders, and custom mini sticks. All of our mini’s are strung traditionally with a slight twist and come complete with a wooden shaft. We are the first, and at this time, the only ones that do this. We are a 2nd year small business out of Upstate NY and being that we are in the off season, are currently just trying to spread the word and get our name out there.

Above, you can see the recent mini for our local NLL team, the Knighthawks. I also do many other string variations for both mini and full size heads including old school pre 90’s heads. I’m currently working on an STX SAM and an STX Highwall, and I have custom cut the doweled shafts for the both of them.

Unreal stuff!

kick ash lax mini stick

To see more from Kick Ash Lax, check out their website. There’s no mesh, but there aren’t any leathers either! Is this Traditional, or not?