Syracuse LeMoyne scrimmage lacrosse
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Training Tip Of The Week: Higher Level Workouts

I was asked to put together something for a higher level Lax player…  for example, someone who is out of college, or playing D3/MCLA, and they don’t have very much along the lines of a legit workout for the summer. So here’s the deal, I can’t write out a specific workout for “one guy” when there are millions and millions of fans around the world, much like The Rock. I can, however, give you guidelines that will allow you to design a workout based on what you can do as an athlete.

Syracuse LeMoyne scrimmage lacrosse
Get to that next level!

This layout is designed for an athlete that has several years of weight training experience, as well as an athlete that is familiar with jumps, sprints, and medicine ball throws.  This workout’s layout and volume is assuming that the athlete is in shape (already) and has gone through a GPP (general physical preparedness) phase.  Check out my other post in regards to GPP.  If you are not in training shape, DO NOT go anywhere near this workout’s volume and intensity.  You will get injured or simply not get the results that you should.  If you are not in shape, you won’t be able to properly recover from the working sets as well as the individual days.

workout plan UmbergerNotes-

Total sprinting volume should be under 250 to a max of 300 total yards per day on days 1,3, and 5 the workout.

I’ve broken some basic rules on the order of some of the exercises, but I’ve done it for sake of time.

A1 and A2 means that you “super set” those exercises.  You do A1, rest a minute or two, them perform A2.

Vary your med ball throws each day, meaning do a different type of throw each of the three days that you should be throwing.

For an example of some of the sprint drills please see my last post.

This workout is very vague.  The lower and upper body exercises can be substituted for major movements.  If you don’t know how to front squat, don’t.  If you don’t have a trap bar at your gym, do something else.  My real workouts have a great amount of detail in them which I omitted here. There are “special exercises” included as well as specific “rehab” exercises for each athlete to help correct weaknesses, imbalances, and mobility issues.  I’m sorry that I can’t go into great detail because each situation is different with each athlete.  Since I don’t know anything about you and your specific needs, I have remained very broad.

The front squat starting position

If you are still out of shape and haven’t developed your aerobic energy system, I would recommend adding in a distance run 2 Days a week for the first 4-6 weeks. Keep the pace slow to moderate pace for 40-50 minutes.  Maintain a heart rate not over 150 beats per minute, more like 120-140 bpm.

Change up the exercises, sets and reps every 4th week.

Post a comment if you have any questions… or shoot me an email at!