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Mitch Belisle
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Training With Trilogy: New LaxAllStars Partner!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce this next partnership… it’s literally not possible to be any more pumped than we already are! LAS is teaming up with Trilogy Lacrosse this year and the focus is all about TRAINING, and making you a better lacrosse player, a better athlete, and even a better person. Their staff is made up of some of the best players and coaches in the game, and each one of them has a fantastic (and unique!) lacrosse mind.

How are we going to get the Trilogy crew involved? And why did we choose to work with them? Honestly, they say it best themselves!

Trilogy Lacrosse is known as The Leader in Lacrosse Education because of the emphasis we put on teaching the fundamentals of the game. Whether it is helping Division 1 NCAA teams design new man-up plays or showing a brand new player how to throw and catch, Trilogy has put together the team and resources to teach the techniques, skills and drills required to improve.

Imagine working on stick skills and shooting with Matt Striebel one week, then taking lessons from Mitch Belisle the next week on ground balls with or against a longstick. The week after that Joe Moore is talking to you about what it takes to play at Syracuse, and then Ryan Boyle is schooling you on how to play better within your attack unit. Week after week Trilogy will be dropping information on us all with one goal in mind: to make everyone who reads the posts a better player.

The guys over at Trilogy are pumped about this opportunity too, and while they love to interact directly with players, they’re aware of how much can be learned online. Trilogy offered up the following quote about getting involved with LAS and a higher level of online Training:

As more and more players focus on lacrosse’s gear, lifestyle, and “getting a D1 scholarship,” Trilogy Lacrosse has and always will make their top priority providing the best lacrosse instruction available.  There is no substitute for the hand-on, in-person instruction of our Camps, Clinics, Teams, and Tournaments, but the Training segment on Lacrosse All Stars is a close second. It also allows players to get better on their own, which is a key trademark to what has brought success to each of Trilogy’s staff members.

We couldn’t agree more and we’re beyond excited to have these guys on board and spreading their know-how!

Brookfield_Boland with Player

There are many big picture or detail oriented skills out there that should be taught and learned. While you can’t learn every single one in person, you may be able to learn a lot of the other stuff online. Trilogy and LAS are going to show you how to get it done!

If there is some aspect of lacrosse training that you want to see covered, let us know in the comments below! We want to help you become a better player, so what do you want to work on?!?!?!