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Trameshional Tradmesh Stringing Tutorial
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Trameshional Tradmesh Stringing Tutorial

A couple of months back, we put up a couple of tradmesh pockets photos on Instagram that I dubbed Trameshional. Perhaps that name is stupid, but I’d never seen this variation of tradmesh done before, even though I’m sure it has been. People asked for a tradmesh stringing tutorial, I took my sweet time in making one, and now it’s here. Maybe you’ll still care?

Editor’s Note Originally published on August 14, 2014. Today, we revisit this tutorial in an effort to help provide a new stringing activity every Sunday.

Half Traditional Half Mesh Lacrosse Pocket - Trameshional

Trameshional Tradmesh Stringing Tutorial

Here’s the lowdown on this trameshional pocket:

– The ball tends to sit right where the mesh intersects with the traditional. If you want a high pocket, use four or five mesh rows. If you want a mid pocket, use five or six mesh rows. For a low pocket, use 6 or 7 mesh rows. Whatever your preferred set up may be, it could take a couple attempts to get this one right.

I tend to use a softer mesh for this, like old broken in regular mesh, StringKing soft, or broken in wax mesh. Hard mesh should work too, but I haven’t tried it. Let me know how it goes if you do.

Baggy traditional will be disastrous. The transition from sitting on traditional to shooting off mesh needs to be seamless, so you don’t develop a jerky motion or thrown unpredictable passes. Make sure the traditional portion (in particular the runners) is not too loose.

Channel that mesh! If you can string a good channel pocket you’re halfway there. Just don’t give it too much channel. There is such a thing by the way.

Try new things. The world according to this variation of the pocket is only starting to unfold before us. Come up with your own improvements, and find another way of solving the same problems. This is only the beginning as one of you will come up with something crazy. I can feel it already.

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