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Traveling For Lacrosse: A Helpful Guide For Upcoming Road Trips

With another season fast-approaching, fans from across the country will be traveling for lacrosse to various tournaments or college lacrosse games.

Lacrosse fanatics travel all over the world to play in tournaments or to attend top-level international or professional lacrosse events and for good reason. It’s one of the most exciting sports to watch.

Whether you are driving on the road to attend an event, or are flying and needing accommodations at your destination, we’ve got a few helpful ideas and services at your disposal in this article.

A Helpful Guide For Traveling For Lacrosse


If you are traveling and don’t have the luxury of staying with friends or relatives at your location, bunking in hotels is probably your best option. Lacrosse folk are incredibly generous and are always willing to host people at their own residences, but that’s not always an option. Hilton offers many fantastic options for lodging. If you’re staying at a Hilton hotel, be sure to register for the Hilton Honors program, where you can buy, give, pool and transfer points that can be used for future purchases. They also offer frequent bonus offers as well as discounts. Not a bad option if you are a frequent traveler.

If you’re looking for the best deal, Hotwire.com has a lot of exceptionally priced hotels — as well as other smartly-priced travel services — at your disposal if you’re operating on a budget or want to bundle your hotel, rental car and flight for a low price. Travel costs can add up, especially when you have season tickets for the Syracuse Orange but live hundreds of miles away, as I’m sure our NCAA Editor Ryan Conwell can commiserate.

Other sites like Airbnb or VRBO offer good options, as well.

Rental Cars

There are tons of rental car companies that offer a wide variety of options for vehicles should you need to rent something to travel up and down the East Coast. It saves wear and tear on your own car and allows easy transportation for those out-of-towners.

Alamo Rent a Car is a solid option. Just as a tip, you can save 5% on your rental car bill by paying upfront, which is great if you are heading to a PLL game this summer that you have absolutely zero intention of missing.

National car rentals are another good choice. Right now, National is offering a deal through January 15, 2020, for $20 off of your weekly base rate. They do require a five-day minimum rental and it is only applicable for Economy to Fullsize cars but this makes a great option if you are traveling a few states away to visit your student and want to catch a couple of games while you are out there.


A lot of people are able to simply drive to their kid’s college lacrosse game, but for West-Coasters it becomes a bit more difficult to travel between states easily. If flying is your best bet, there are some solid options for doing so.

Southwest Airlines has some pretty good deals on flights and is a solid airline to fly on. If you use Southwest frequently for work or for traveling for lacrosse, consider signing up for their Rapid Rewards program where you can earn points by flying on Southwest or by making purchases through their partners. If you’re short a few points on a big reward, you can also buy points to help you get that big discount.

Alaska Airlines is another good airline to use, and also offers a Mileage Plan where you can accrue and buy miles to earn bigger rewards for flights and such.


Hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas for travel this lacrosse season and has offered some good deals to help you save on travel costs. It’s looking to be another fantastic year of lacrosse!