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Treasure Hunt: Jumbo Jack’s Booty

Jumbo Jack answers Connor Wilson’s challenge to share all that is desired. Here’s what Jumbo is on the hunt for this summer…



K18’s – I know I’m not original, but I’ve had 2 pairs of STX gloves and I’m a fan.  Although these K18’s don’t look much different than the older models, the all blacks look dope.  They reminded me of something the Terminator would wear if he dressed up and danced like Michael Jackson for his school talent show.

I like the flash of show with the patent leather and the matte seems to say “party on the inner digits, business on the outer ones.”  Also, although the palm reminds me of a Russian sailor’s tee shirt (I say that with the utmost amount of respect btw), I would love to see if that affects how they grip a handle.


Adidas Brute Force II Mid Fly Lacrosse Cleat – I was a Nike cleat guy from 7th grade until Senior year of college when I got hooked up with some Adidas cleats.  They were the most comfortable cleats I’ve ever worn and I’d thankfully snag a new pair in a heartbeat.


Suit: J. Crew Ludlow two button suit

I’ve had a man crush on this suit for a year.  As a young man just entering the professional world, I’ve learned it helps to dress well (if I see a man dressed poorly I immediately feel I have been given a tactical advantage).  These suits are well made and make you look like a rock star. One more thing, I’m a J. Crew shareholder so go buy one or six!

Leather: Saddleback Leather Co. Thin Briefcase

Since this is a treasure hunt, I can throw this on here.  In reality, I’m hoping to get this as a gift when I graduate law school in a couple years, but if worst comes to worst I’ll have to start saving and just buy it.  I stumbled on this sweet sweet leather masterpiece when reading the creator’s story about his dog, Blue – a great story about why dogs are man’s best friend.  This bag reminds me of those awesome “Most Interesting Man in the World Commercials.” I imagine him sporting the case and just being a bad ass.  Once you read the story of how the guy behind the bag found the equation for this beautiful creation, you’ll think so too.

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The bag is guaranteed for 100 years, I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to prove that, but you bet your ass there will be a clause in my will demanding my heirs prove it.  As a piece of craftsmanship, I cannot do the maker justice by describing the bag, he does it just beautifully himself.  If you dig the bag as much as I do, check out the wallets, which are much easier to booty to grasp – and they look equally as awesome.

About the author
: After playing high school ball at Idaho powerhouse Bishop Kelly, Jumbo Jack went on to the University of Utah where he was a 2005 Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference All-Conference pick. From there he moved to Mt. St. Mary’s University in Maryland, where he became the first Idahoan to be on a Division 1 Lacrosse roster. Following a knee injury, he coached and played for the University of Idaho, helping lead the team to their first program wins and earning 2008 Pacific Northwest Lacrosse Conference honors. He is currently attending law school.

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