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Trey Scott UCLA lacrosse Wolf of the MCLA
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Wolf of the MCLA: Trey Scott, UCLA

Editor’s note: We’re back with another installment of our Wolf of the MCLA series! Thanks to the support of Wolf Athletics, we’re selecting, interviewing, and honoring impressive student-athletes who are competing in the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association throughout the 2015 college lacrosse season. Each new member of the “Wolf Pack” will receive a Ghost shaft as an award for his accomplishments. We hope you enjoy!

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#1 on the roster, #1 in your hearts, Trey Scott is our newest Wolf of the MCLA to join The Pack! Our first face off specialist, Trey has been tearing it up in SoCal with UCLA in the spring and is one of the best d-mid/face off combos in the SLC.

Trey Scott UCLA MCLA lacrosse

Five games deep, the Bruins are already 3-2, while Trey has vacuumed up 25 ground balls and has won 37 of 64 face offs he’s taken in 2015. Looking to cut back on time in the penalty box without losing his competitive edge, Trey has big plans to lead his squad to the big dance this year.

Before UCLA gets back to the grind against UCSB on Sunday, let’s get to know this determined leader of the pack from Torrey Pines, Trey Scott.

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Trey Scott – Wolf of the MCLA

Trey Scott UCLA MCLA lacrosse

Full Name: Trey Scott
Number: #1
Position: Midfield / Face Off
College: UCLA (MCLA Division I)
High School: Torrey Pines High School (CA)

LAS: When you aren’t playing lacrosse, what are your hobbies off of the field?

Scott: When I’m not bogged down by all of my physics and engineering classes, I just try to relax and enjoy all that LA has to offer.

Like a general college kid, I go to the beach when I can, work out, and participate in Greek life. I really like to travel, especially to go camping or snowboarding in the winter, and play guitar in my down time.

Do you play any other sports?

I played football and soccer in high school, and still try to play in intramural games when I can.

It’s hard to find the time with lacrosse, but any time I have a day off I love to go down to the field and pass around a football or soccer ball with the boys.

Favorite shoes in your collection?

Honestly the only shoes I ever wear other than cleats and running shoes are my Converse All-Stars. These shoes hold up through anything and I’ve been rocking my black Chucks for a number of years.

What’s your idea of a perfect meal?

I would love nothing more than a big, juicy, medium-rare steak. It is an American classic and it really cannot be beaten.

Throw in some mashed potatoes and seasoned broccoli on the side and I am a happy guy.

What’s your main source of transportation?

I used to skate around campus but after some close calls involving hitting cars, I pretty much walk everywhere now.

I also have a Mustang that I love driving around. Some people have claimed it’s obnoxious, but they have to agree it is fun to drive.

What is your pre-game ritual (if any)?

I usually get up in the morning and take a shower right away to wake myself up. I’ll make a small meal, usually oatmeal and bananas, or eggs and hash browns if I’m feeling ambitious, and head down to the field.

When I get there I will take care of my pre-game restroom business, then head to the trainer to bandage up whatever the injury of the day may be. I’ll then throw on some eye black, put on my pump up playlist, and stretch until it’s time to take the field.

I have also recently tried smelling salts right before the game, and damn do those things work.

What is one thing you wish the world would understand about lacrosse?

I wish the world would not immediately assume all lacrosse players are just typical frat bros and apathetic individuals.

There has always been a negative stigma associated with the sport, and I really do not understand where it comes from. Lacrosse is one the most physically taxing sports, and requires a strong mental focus each and every play.

We work hard and put in countless hours all year round in order to achieve success, and that is something that should be recognized.

Do you consider yourself a lone wolf, leader of the pack, or committed teammate?

I would definitely say I’m a leader of the pack. I try to lead by example in order to hold both myself and my teammates to high standards every single day we take the field.

I want to be someone the rookies can turn to when things don’t go our way, and I want to be a strong presence when the game is on the line.

How many years have you been playing lacrosse and where did you find your start?

I actually started in a youth lacrosse league in elementary school, so around 12 years now. I had some friends at school who were from the East Coast who introduced the sport to me, and I loved it right away.

What made you choose to go to play lacrosse at UCLA?

Both of my parents went to UCLA, so I have grown up a lifelong Bruins fan. Everything about the school is a great fit for me, and when I met the older guys on the lacrosse team, I immediately felt like part of the team.

My rookie class is a solid group and most of us will stick with the team for all four years.

What are some of the goals you’ve set for yourself and for your team in 2015?

First and foremost: we are going to make the playoffs.

The last two years we have narrowly missed the mark due to two heartbreaking losses in overtime, but I am confident this is our year.

Trey Scott UCLA MCLA lacrosse

For me personally, I want to go at least 70% on faceoffs, a number which I am capable of achieving. I also want to reduce my time in the penalty box, as I sometimes tend to get over aggressive against physical teams.

As one of the key returning veterans, how do you plan to help lead the team in 2015?

Success starts in practice. We need to have high intensity practices every single day. I pride myself on going hard every time I am on the field, and I do my best to encourage all of the young guys to come out and do the same.

A big thing for our team in motivation during the game, so I will be the first guy to celebrate each goal, and the first guy to pick one of my brothers up after they have made a mistake.

It’s all about the strength of the team, and keeping all the guys positive and upbeat is a huge part of that.

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Congratulations to Trey, and a special thanks to Coach Bagley and the University of California – Los Angeles Bruins for nominating him as our latest Wolf of the MCLA!