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Tuesday Lacrosse Drop

Great video, stringing and getting strong. It’s all inside. Come and get some!

We’ve got a lot to cover so let’s dig right in to it, shall we?

IL has longer Iroquois vs. The World highlights up from the Hawai’i Invitational.  Good stuff overall and some really sweet goals/passing.  Always good to see how the best does it!

Since most people are headed indoors more and more due to the cold, we will no doubt see more and more custom string jobs posted online.  Dan Willson diverges from his usual, the Coach’s RP Pocket, and throws out some basic traditional work.  Black head, red crosslace, white leathers and yellow and black shooters make this Maryland special… well, special.  Nice work!

Nice work on the basic traditional
Looks just as good from the side!

I just did another traditional string job on my Mohawk International Lacrosse head and I did a very different tie off procedure near the throat.  More to come on that later in the week.


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Finally, if you’re looking for an unreal upper body workout, look no further.  Pushups, pullups and dips can get you ripped!  I bet these guys are stronger in real world application than any devoted gym rat.  Maybe they can’t bench 400 pounds but they can hold themselves upside down and do pushups.  That’s TRUE strength!  And they probably CAN bench 400 LBs. Jebus.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Bartendaz HardBody visted by Sway”]

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