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Tuesday Night Lacrosse Postage

The interviews, lacrosse news links and helpful articles keep on coming here on LAS.  Just to make sure we don’t miss anything, I’m adding an evening post to cover pretty much everything else.

The Next Brodie Merrill?

Tyler Fleury, out of the Hill Academy in Canada, can throw checks, lay the body, run the field and handle the ball.  Baller.  Considering Merrill is his coach, the answer to the title question could very well be yes.
[fvplayer src=”″]



We’ve got Best of the West Fall Ball pics by Victoria Harris coming up tomorrow.  Lots of them.  A quick taste to whet your appetite!

Flashy vs. Blue Collar. White helmets for all.


How to Do a Highlight Video

It’s not easy, but it will definitely help.
[fvplayer src=”″]


How NOT to Do a Highlight Video

Some comments: your friends love rap songs with lots of swears. College coaches do not.  Plus this song does need speak well for your character.  Think about it.  Longer clips are needed to show what you really do.  Highlight yourself at the beggining of each play so they know who to watch. Include contact info.  On a positive note, this kid has a great face dodge.
[fvplayer src=”″]


Growing the Game

Thanks to Patrick V for the photo!  Looking good in that T!

Thumbs up is right!


Thailand Lacrosse is Literally Everywhere

Chazz Woodson, down in Florida, talking lax with some of his young charges.  Rocking a Thailand Lacrosse T.  Growing the game and looking good all in one.  Nicely done!  Rumor has it that the 2011 shooting shirt is even better.  Excited to see that for sure.

Look, one hand!


This Could Be Anywhere

Youth lax. “Centre Lacrosse”… means nothing to me.  This could be taking place anywhere these days.  Means the game has spread!  Also, team green is working it.
[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”2010 Centre Lacrosse River Stix Highlights”]


REAL Box Lacrosse

Ok, I didn’t say it was great box lacrosse but at least they’re playing it the right way… and there are still some good takes for Rec. league. This must be Canada San Jose, California. Thanks AFeld11!  So many hockey helmets.
[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”The Chronicles of Logan Rooney #21 & #2 Box Lacrosse”]


NOT Real Box Lacrosse

Because this is what happens in places like Massachusetts (where I’m from. Crap). What, are you too good for the game that already exists?  Boo this.  Just play box and be ok with it.  This hybrid stuff is ok for training but box is a REAL game.  Respect it.  That being said, the skill level of the kid featured is pretty high.
[fvplayer src=”″]


Short and Sweet #1

Way to be creative, kid!
[fvplayer src=”″]


Short but Sweet #2

30 seconds of Midget box highlights from North of the Border.  Quick hitters.
[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Ben Fream Lacrosse”]