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Tuesday Super Post & Video Explosion

Welcome to the Tuesday Super Post! I’m rethinking some of my picks, addressing some of the BIG ISSUES in this year’s playoffs, AND hitting you with top notch video! It’s good, it’s so good. It’s playoffs in May good!

Also make sure you check out the Weekend Recap & Video Expolsion post from yesterday! It’s can’t miss content, has ALL the scores, from ALL the games, and is chock full of D2 and D3 video highlights!

Upset Of The Weekend

Holy moly! Can you believe Bryant knocked off Cuse? I mean it happened, so I can believe it, but I’m still having a hard time making my brain understand it. It’s not a knock on Bryant, but with the #2 seed and all that hype, I thought Cuse would pull it out. Of course then they wore those sleeveless uniforms… and we all know what happens when Cuse wears crazy playoff uniforms (see the Volt incident).

I’m telling you, these flashy uniforms are not helping anyone. Did Oregon win a national title while wearing Volt in 2011? Nope. This may be the craziest theory ever, but I just don’t think “special uniforms” win games. How many times do teams have to wear crazy stuff and lose for this to be statistically significant? A lot more times… but still, it’s interesting!

I Was Right! … And Wrong… And Something Else

I was right that the ACC wasn’t hands down dominant. Maryland, Notre Dame, and Duke all won their games, but Virginia, Syracuse, and UNC each lost. The ACC went 3-3, and no ACC teams played each other. I was right about that. At least I was right about something!

I had also pontificated that the Ivy League was a really tough conference. On that count, I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Harvard got spanked by ND, Penn lost to Drexel in an exciting game, and Cornell could not hang on against the Terps. 0-3 makes me look foolish for stating the Ivy was strong this year. I’ll blame it all on Denver losing to Penn early on in the year. That’s fair, right?

Now let’s get to the Something Else… Loyola. I really thought Loyola was the ingredients to make a serious run. I thought they would beat Albany 14-12, or something along those lines. Was I wrong about Loyola? Honestly, I don’t think so! For me, this game result came down to two things: 1) the Thompsons showed up early, and this put the pressure on Loyola to catch up all game. 2) Albany’s defense showed up like rarely before.

If Albany is going to play like this moving forward, they are now the team we all thought they could be early on in the pre-season. That makes them the most dangerous team, hands down. We will have to see if this is just a one game peak for the Danes, but if you watched the game on Saturday, you saw an Albany unlike previous Albany incarnations, and that’s certainly something else.

Hopkins… STILL My Dark Horse

I said it early on, I said it often, and I’m saying it again now. The Hop is still my out there pick to win it all. Wells Stanwick isn’t winning the Tewaaraton, but now he can focus even more on winning games. If Hop does take it all, and Stanwick has a huge tourney, will the Tewaaraton reconsider their early naming of five finalists?

Tewaaraton Musing Continued…

Right now Lyle Thompson is the favorite amongst many talking heads, and Jordan Wolf runs a close second. Miles Thompson isn’t mentioned as much, which is ridiculous. Tommy Schreiber had a great career, but there is no way he wins the award. Joe Fletcher needed Loyola to make it to the Finals to be a real threat for the Tewaaraton, but I also see him as a lock for Defender of the Year. Speaking of waiting to name the finalists… what if Bryant were to win it all, and their goalie, Gunnar Waldt, continues to play out of his mind? Wouldn’t that be worthy of the Heisman of lacrosse, especially considering the post-season plays heavily in the decision?

I just don’t see why the list needs to be trimmed to only five players at this point in the season.

Three Goals in 11.2 seconds?

You’ve probably seen this before, but it’s worth watching again. Nicky Saputo from Drexel for the win!

NJCAA Title Game Video!

The Thompson Goals Vs Loyola

We have no idea how Inside Lacrosse got the go ahead from ESPN to take ESPNU game footage and put it up their YouTube channel. No idea whatsoever, but if it’s all on the up and up, I can admit we’re a little jealous! I want ESPN to make highlights for my YouTube channel! If it’s not on the up and up, good for IL for putting it up anyway! I’ll take this over an “Attack Unit Talk” any day of the week!

You’ve probably already seen this too, but it’s worth another watch:

And here is an up close look at Lyle’s stick, thanks to 24SevenLax:

We’ll have plenty more content as the week rolls along, so stay tuned!