Tuesday Tie Up: Brian From Epoch Lacrosse
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Tuesday Tie Up: Brian from Epoch Lacrosse

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our new weekly series, Tuesday Tie Up! Each week, we will have a different lacrosse pro or personality talking about how they string up their head, and each post is brought to you by Epoch Lacrosse. Some of the pros will be stringing the Hawk head, and others will be stringing up their head of choice with Epoch’s Otter Mesh. Either way, you get to see how the big guns string their heads. You’re sure to learn a thing or two, so pay attention! We’ll let Epoch take it from here…

Brian from Epoch

Epoch’s own Brian Hochman walks into Studio 22 to tie up The Hawk with a fresh slice of Otter Mesh.

Brian Hochman is the go-to guy at Epoch’s HQ to tie up The Hawk and he is called on to do so on a daily basis. Luckily for the team at Epoch, this is a duty Brian embraces and takes great pride in.

Tuesday Tie Up: Brian From Epoch Lacrosse

For this video at Studio 22, Brian strings a mid-high pocket with a channel that holds the ball in place for great control and accuracy. Brian pulls the mesh down and locks the top three holes to achieve that channel.

The double V-shooters give the ball a place to rest and release from when shooting and passing. The side view of this tie up highlights the unique sidewall design of The Hawk and visually explains the reason why it was designed as such.


Although his day job as Lead Designer for Epoch keeps him busy creating industry leading shaft designs, packaging, social media posts and a website that are each clean, crisp and bold, Brian still finds time to tie up a few heads every now and then.

Tuesday Tie Up: Brian From Epoch Lacrosse

Brian’s ability to tie up a head was vital to development of The Hawk as his input and feedback of hole location and potential pocket patterns was critical in the industrial design portion.

Be sure to comment below if you would like this pattern or have any ideas for your own pattern!

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Team Epoch