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Tuesday Tie Up: Jake from StringKing
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Tuesday Tie Up: Jake from StringKing

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our new weekly series, Tuesday Tie Up! Each week, we will have a different lacrosse pro or personality talking about how they string up their head, and each post is brought to you by Epoch Lacrosse. Some of the pros will be stringing the Hawk head, and others will be stringing up their head of choice with Epoch’s Otter Mesh. Either way, you get to see how the big guns string their heads. You’re sure to learn a thing or two, so pay attention! We’ll let Epoch take it from here…

Jake from StringKing

Jake stops by Studio 22 to tie up The Hawk uString style!

It is no secret that Epoch Lacrosse has chosen String King to manufacturer our Otter Mesh. The proprietary fiber used in Otter Mesh is very difficult to work with, which makes it extremely challenging to knit into a mesh pocket.

Impressed with the quality of StringKings’ Performance Mesh, Epoch knew StringKing had the knowledge and equipment make it happen and before long we forged a business relationship and Otter Mesh was born.

Tuesday Tie Up: Jake from StringKing

Jake McCampbell, President and Founder of StringKing Lacrosse, stops by Studio 22 to tie up a prototype version of The Hawk using a slice of prototype Otter Mesh.

Tuesday Tie Up: Jake from StringKing

Jake already had a few earlier prototypes – as StringKing was working on making a pocket for their website – so he was fairly familiar with the hole pattern.

Jake takes advantage of the high-pocket design of The Hawk and creates an awesome pocket that allows for great control and keeps the ball in the top-third level of the head.

Tuesday Tie Up: Jake from StringKing Tuesday Tie Up: Jake from StringKing

Look for this pattern on soon.

It is so much fun to watch Jake and his team tie up a head. The StringKing team always seems to move at an incredibly methodical, yet rapid pace and they account for every string and knot with precision.

There is a science behind every pocket and the consistency you get from pocket to pocket is awesome. We are very happy to have them as partners and cannot wait to see what comes next!