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Low Pie or Die = Tuesdays w/ Connor Martin
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Tuesdays w/ Con ≈ Low Pie or Die

Here’s the deal. For some reason shooting low isn’t cool and we’re on a mission to change that.

Why isn’t stinging a low right corner or blasting 5 hole as cool as ripping top cheese above the goalies head?

Probably because someone named it Top Cheddar and everyone loves cheese. Well you know what else everyone loves? Pie.

Low Pie or Die.

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On a scale of 1 to Always, how often should I go Low Pie?

I mean don’t forget about Mid Biscuit, and if the Goalie is hitting the dirt every time you’re going to have take a bite of that sharp cheddar.

But in reality, the probabilities of shooting hard and low far outweigh trying to blow it by the goalie’s shoulder. When I played in the MLL, I quickly realized all my high to high rippers that worked at Chap Town were quickly becoming obsolete.

I found that goalies really had a hard time tracking hard high to low shots. Boring, but hey you know what’s not boring? Scoring G’s.

What is the best way to practice my Low Pie shooting?

Real talk. Shooting low and stinging corners is hard. Changing planes and hitting corners is one of the hardest things in the game, that’s why low to high is so hard to ping. This is the same reason shooting with your head and the ball at 8 feet down to 0 feet in a corner is a real challenge.

You have to over rotate, you have to exaggerate your motion, and you have to snap your wrists to train your buddy to pull that ball down hard and accurate. It’s worth the time.

But isn’t Top Ched what impresses the ladies?

Contrary to popular belief there is nothing more impressive and no bigger statement of your masculinity then powerfully ripping a low corner and pointing to the crowd.

Ladies… keep the pies coming.

Is there a good celly to go with after a Low Pie goal?

Jump high five. In my opinion the great Nintendo game Tecmo Super Bowl had it figured out perfectly.

When you do something cool you find a buddy and you jump high five with them. End of story. Problems solved.

…Or ya you can just hug the crap out of him, that’s what I used to do.