d3 Quarterfinals
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Lacrosse News And Video Explosion: Tufts 2014 Video & Rabil Trade

If Tufts wins a national championship in men’s lacrosse, they create a killer documentary video covering the ride. Today we have the Tufts 2014 Video you need to see, along with the best photos, news links, and videos from across the internet. It’s the first Lacrosse News And Video Explosion of 2015, and it’s a good one! Starting the new year’s first Monday off right!

And the Cannons might trade Paul Rabil. Wait, whaaaaaaat?

Tufts 2014 Video – Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

This is epic. It’s the Tufts 2014 Video. What else would you expect?

Watch it and see how champions rebound from “almost”:


Paul Rabil On The MLL Move?

Late last week, IL reported that a trade involving Rabil was possible. Now, according to LM,  it seems like the Cannons and Lizards are going to swap some players, and Paul Rabil and Max Seibald are both on the list. We obviously need to learn more, but on its face this trade doesn’t make a ton of sense. Seibald and Karalunas (another NY player being traded) both live/work in NYC. Mike Stone, a Boston native, is also being discussed as going to NY. I get moving Rabil closer to Baltimore, but this move has me scratching my head right now. Also, why would the Cannons want to drop Rabil?

USA vs England 20-1 6.14.14

NCAA Lacrosse Growth Visual

@NCAAResearch tweeted this. The growth is crazy at the D3 level!

NLL Quick Recap – NE vs BUF

I watched the New England Black Wolves beat the visiting Buffalo Bandits for their first ever franchise win, and this team looked good in a lot of ways. Let me count them. 1) Attendance was good! They didn’t fill the arena, but considering that Mohegan Sun is in the middle of nowhere, CT, a little under 6,000 people in a 10,000 person arena is pretty darn solid. 2) New England’s floor looked good. Some people might not love the all orange area behind GLE, but I liked it. The carpet looked pretty smooth and it seems like box will work in that arena. 3) The team on the floor also looked good. It wasn’t just the attendance and the facility. The team’s uniforms were sharp, their gloves are beautiful, and the above all else, this roster has talent. Diverse scoring and plenty of Kevin Crowley powered the offense. 4) The broadcast was enjoyable. You can’t have a hokey broadcast if you want to bring in new fans who are serious about lacrosse, and the broadcast was solid. The play by play guy needs to learn the players names and pronunciations ASAP, but his call on the action was really good. Randy Fraser did a great job with color and corrected names and pronunciations gently. Consumate professional, and one heck of an NLL vet. He can speak with authority on the matter at hand. 5) A win is always nice! New barn, new roster, new look, new fans… and they kick it off with a win. Sounds good to me.

John Tavares: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

John Tavares is 46 years old. He’s been playing with the Buffalo Bandits since day one… that’s 24 years! Learn what keeps a man like this going via BuffaloNews.com.

Hofstra’s John Ferriso, 19, Dies In Car Crash

Very sad news out of Hempstead, NY. John Ferriso, a sophomore defender from Long Island has passed away after a car crash. Thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Hofstra community.

Play In New Orleans This February

The NOLC is looking for a few more teams in the open Men’s and Women’s divisions as well as Men’s Masters (30+) division for this February Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tournament. It’s one of the best tourneys around, and it’s an early season favorite for many!

2015 Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tounament — February 6-8, 2015 — New Orleans City Park

This is a Men’s and Women’s Collegiate and Post Collegiate Club Lacrosse Tournament. New for this year is the 4 team Men’s Masters (35+) Division. You can find more info on the New Orleans Lacrosse Club website.

Salt Shakerz new orleans
Winnin’ and sinnin’.

NLL Quick Recap – VAN vs CAL

If I had picked this game before it played out, I would have picked Calgary, and I would have been wrong. Calgary dominated on draws, and looked awesome at times, but Vancouver looked awesome even more, and rode that wave of excellence to the win on the road. They got great goaltending from Tyler Richards (48 saves), and while their offense definitely showed up, their transition game was out of control. Calgary was up early, but with about 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter Vancouver started an eleven goal run that would span all of the 3rd quarter and about 3 minutes into the fourth quarter, and give Vancouver a 15-9 lead they would not give up. Calgary put in a great effort trying to come back and you felt like they could do it at times, but the Stealth held on confidently. Rhys Duch dropping four goals and five assists didn’t hurt the Stealth either.

Other Lacrosse News Links

Miles Jones profile from LM. Ryan Conrad – soccer and lacrosse star from Baltimore Sun. Lacrosse’s Miltary Connection from LM. USL grant helps new program. $20,000 will do that. Joel White takes leadership role for NE NLL team via Hartford Courant. 2015 MLL Schedule via LaxPower.

Larry Palumbo’s Top 14 2014 Photos

Below is one sample of Larry’s work. You can see the rest of the photos HERE, on CoyoteMagicActionShots.com.

tufts 2014 video

Lacrosse Player Run Over By Police Officer

This story is bizarre, and seemingly, beyond tragic. Our thoughts go out to the entire St. Lawrence University community. Garrett Gagne was 22 years old.

That Old Lacrosse Head: Superlight II

Subscribe to the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel for more great lacrosse video and tons of older That Old Lacrosse Head videos!