TV Broadcast Schedule

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Lacrosse on TV - The 411

NCAA Lacrosse

In 2016 we were spoiled by 10 different networks and their live streaming of some of over 185+ of college lacrosse's best games! Many of the season's best games are still available for your viewing enjoyment!

  • America East TV: This network is specific to the America East conference but features a ton of games for all of its schools! Plus it's free!
  • Big Ten Network: Must have access to Big Ten Network to access BTN2GO. There are some marquee games here in 2016. TV broadcasts available on the app.
  • CBS Sports Network: The channel is available for pretty much every cable provider and satellite out there. They show a good amount of the Patriot League and a few other marquee games.
  • ESPN 2/ ESPN U/ ESPN 3: ESPN and ESPN 2 is covering the two Quarterfinal games in Columbus, OH, and all of Championship weekend. Just sign up for WatchESPN so you can watch all of the networks, at the same time, anywhere you are. Many of the best games of 2016 are still on the app.
  • NEC Front Row: A free service featuring a ton of NorthEast Conference games. This site will probably start consuming your weekends, they have so many games!
  • Patriot League Network: College Insiders hosts the Patriot League Network, featuring an incredible amount of games from Army, Boston U, Colgate, Lehigh, Loyola, Navy and more!

National Lacrosse League

For the rest of the 2016 Champion's Cup Playoffs, the NLL is available for the watching via their new service and on TV in local markets.

  • New streaming service just released by the NLL during the Champion's Cup Playoffs. The remainder of the 2016 games will be here.


The MLL is available for the watching all over regional television, if you're in the right market. For now we have all of the nationally available games for broadcast and streaming listed in the calendar. You can check them out on:

  • Lax Sports Network: Delivers live and video-on-demand access to games, highlights, news and in-depth analysis to the devout lacrosse fan. Available on multiple platforms and via website.
  • WatchESPN: Same deal as above, but with a ton of NLL content too!


  • Online streams of men's Sr. A box lacrosse from the Western Lacrosse Association. Streams cost $8 and run only during the games.
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