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Tweet of the Week: LXM Ocean City Dap

This summer I’ll be bringing you the newest weekly LAS series: Tweet of the Week. See an awesome picture of gear or a hilarious comment on Twitter? Send it over to @LaxAllStars or @krowen with #TweetOfTheWeek and we’ll post the best of the best each week.

The title of this post may be confusing, because you might not know what a dap is. I didn’t know either, but LXM buds Kyle Harrison and Sam Bradman knew the word. Here, suited up for the Jack Lingo/Fireball squad at the Ocean City Lax Classic, they celebrated a goal with a dap.

In case you were wondering, according to, a dap is “a ‘handshake’ of sorts, used in greeting or in congratulations.” Well, there you go: An LXM Ocean City dap.