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Tweet, Tweet: It’s Lacrosse Twitter Time!

What’s better than normal twitter? Lacrosse Twitter of course!

Pop quiz time. In your opinion, what is the best use for Twitter:

A – Staying up-to-date with all things lacrosse related instantly.
B – Debating the Coaches Poll (at any level) and why your team should be ranked higher
C – Chris Cloutier highlights
D – Seeing new drills and wall ball routines
E – All of the above

The answer is…. E, duh. Has Twitter become the best place to consume lacrosse in general? It’s pretty good, but I think we, the lacrosse community, can do better.

Our Favorite Lacrosse Twitter Tweets of the Week

In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech Women’s team incident, Kyle Harrison took to the twitter-sphere and made a great point:

More Maryland v. North Carolina highlights:

An interesting face coming from US Lacrosse:

We heart Shootout for Soldiers!

This is just amazing. I want one a Yellow Jackets jersey so bad!

Obligatory Rankings tweet:

StringKing coming up big in Philadelphia:

Have you seen this?

You want some NLL highlights? Okay, we have those for you, coming right up!

See the rest of the games highlights on our TV page.

News & Notes

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MCLA: CSU lacrosse upsets defending champion, No. 3 Grand Canyon (Rocky Mountain Collegian)

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