Tweet of the Week: Sam Bradman Low to High

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LXM PRO 858 in San Diego was a thriller last weekend, with Team STX edging out a 16-15 win over Maverik United on a Max Ritz goal with two seconds left. Earlier in the game, Sam Bradman put Team STX on his back with four first half goals, including what was just about the most beautiful low release shot I have ever seen. It was an on the run riser, and Kyle Harrison definitely appreciated the shot as much as I did.

Chris Marshall often mentions during LXM broadcasts that Bradman is somewhat of an unconventional shooter, and this low to high heat is certainly just that. Despite being different, it is extremely effective. Maybe it’s unique quality is what makes it such a great shot! I can’t think of anyone who shoots underhand risers better – in fact, I’m not sure of anyone else who even does it well consistently!

Click play in the video below to jump right to the possession that leads up to the Bradman riser. He gets the ball with about 30 seconds left in the half…

If you missed the game, make sure to catch the entire replay on The Lacrosse Network. Not only is Bradman’s rip incredible, but the game is back and forth until the buzzer!

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