Two Circled Swordsmen
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Two Circled Swordsmen

I was looking through some of my things as I unpacked from a recent move when I found an old sketch book full of my crudely drawn doodles. As I flipped through the pages, a small piece of paper fell out of my sketchbook. It was a letter from my brother Mikey, written roughly ten years ago.

It was folded several times, but the creases in the paper didn’t diminish the calligraphy. For me, the meaning was more evident than ever.

The note read:

theNoteMason –

Me. You. Back to back like circled swordsmen. Accompanied by the mediator – the moon – beautifulness. Two Brothers, two warriors standing tall in the center of the ever narrowing ring of life. With knowledge for knuckles, wisdom for weapons. Armor coated hearts beat as one. The arena chants “death” and the enemies they step. Closer, closer,closer… But the brothers don’t flinch and they focus only on the fight that is in front of them. There is no blindside when it’s trust that acts as the adhesive. I know you will watch my back in battle and you know I will die for yours. Soldier on and march proud… You are not alone, never alone. Close your eyes and listen close.

*The arena is still chanting our names.

– MP

Brotherhood is something that can only be explained by those who have experienced it. Knowing you’ll have a best friend for the rest of your life is reassuring, and it’s a blessing.

Adversity is better fought with someone by your side. No matter the struggles you may endure, your brothers will take some of your baggage and make it their own. Making the difficult journey an easier one.

Less weight on your shoulders, less worry on your mind.

He is your best friend and your role model. It’s a two way mirror.

What you see in them, they see in you. You are both inspired by the similar but opposite characteristics you both portray.

Whenever I am down or feeling alone, I always know that it’s more that just “A note from my corner.” It is a loving brother who hides behind the creative words he has engraved in my mind.

Thanks for the inspiration, MP.

I’m taking it with me wherever I go.

Two Circled Swordsmen