Tyler Lucas Memorial Scrimmage Lacrosse
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Tyler Lucas Memorial Scrimmage

Editor’s Note: This is a follow up post by Barbarosa on the far too early passing of Tyler Lucas.  Tyler’s death has really impacted the Seattle lacrosse community, much like Tyler himself had done in life.  And this is a short post that shows that even in the deepest depths of mourning, a community can still become stronger, if the will and love is there…  In Seattle, this is clearly the case.

Tyler Lucas Memorial Scrimmage Lacrosse
Great turnout for the scrimmage.

On SuperBowl Sunday, lacrosse players from all over the Seattle area got together and held a Memorial Scrimmage, which I thought was a nice gesture.  Over 50 players showed up, played for a couple of hours and then were fed bratwurst by the Bellevue High Booster club.

Tyler Lucas Memorial Scrimmage Lacrosse
Lots of box lids out there.

I leave you with one picture from the scrimmage and there are two things of note in it:

1) Tyler’s Dad, Jim Lucas, is in goal, where he played the whole game.

2) Notice there are different helmets on each player. The number of different teams represented at the scrimmage was amazing.

Tyler Lucas Memorial Scrimmage Lacrosse Jim Lucas in goal

Even Bainbridge Island players showed up, and that is a 5 hour round-trip journey.  What is even more impressive is that after they went home from the scrimmage, they showed up the next day at the funeral.

Anyway, the picture really shows what Tyler’s dad, Jim, believes.  Without a doubt he would caption this shot with,

“Seven players, seven helmets, One Love.”

I was going to write something up about the Tyler Lucas Memorial Service, but honestly, I can’t do it any better than the folks at Walax.com did.