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Belgium vs Uganda lacrosse - 2014 World Lacrosse Championships
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Uganda Lacrosse 2018 Roster – 2018 FIL

Below we have the release from the Uganda Lacrosse Foundation announcing their 2018 national men’s team, and it’s looking good! Plenty of returners are on this list, and some new faces are also along for what promises to be an exciting journey. 2018 will mark the Uganda men’s national team’s second FIL world championships. They were pretty darn exciting in 2014 out in Denver, so expect more of the same in 2018!

Check out the FULL list of FIL rosters HERE.

Uganda Lacrosse Roster

KAMPALA, Uganda – The coaching staff of the Uganda national team has named the roster for the 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships, which will be held in Netanya, Israel, from July 12-21.

Uganda head coach Pete Ginnegar along with his staff – Mike Allan, John Christmas, Francis Donald and Ivan Cohen – have carefully selected this pool of players from which the final 23 will be chosen to represent Uganda in Israel at the Championships.

“The people of this country never cease to amaze me, and the members of the national team are certainly no exception,” Ginnegar said. “We asked them to make it difficult during our December mini-camp and they really did.”

As the players continue to prepare throughout the spring, the staff will make periodic trips to help sharpen their skills. With the game of lacrosse quickly becoming popular in other African countries, the Ugandan team paves the way for all nations.

2018 Uganda National Team Roster


POS.                      FIRST                                   LAST NAME

D                           Richard                               Akena

G                           Allan                                    Amone

M                          Musasizi                              Andrew

M                          Jeff                                      Anywar

D                           Michael                              Bahizi

D                           Otim                                   Bernard

A/M                      Onen David                       Castro

M                          Kennith                               Ssazi

M                          Kennith                                Kasule

M                          Trey                                    Kawugule

M                          Martin                                Komakech

M                          Keith                                   Lubangkane

D                           Ibrahim                              Makanda

G                            Alberto                             Mugaga

A                            Fazio                                   Nsubuga

A                            Samson                              Ochan

G                           James                                 Okello

D                           John Paul                           Okura

M                          Patrick                                Oriana

M                          Collines                                Odiira

G                           James                                  Okello

M                          Ochan                                Reagan

D                           Otim                                   Ronald

M                          Ibrahim                              Ssetimba

D                           Pitta                                    Shaban

M/D                      Tukire Yunis                          Brian

A/M                     Twesiime                              Liberty

M                          Dalton                                Wadri

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