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Ugly Helmets Work Magic

Custom, custom, custom. This is SO custom. I feel pretty special.

There was some nice little internet buzz one or two months back on HeadWrapz, a company that does custom helmet treatments out in Las Vegas.  I’d seen quite a few pictures online but you can never really get the feeling for a product unless you see it yourself (or read a really good write-up), so I asked the guys over at HeadWrapz to let me in on their secret and boy, did they deliver!  They even offered to wrap one of my helmets to show me how good their stuff really was.

Without thinking, I sent out a navy Gait Identity I had laying around. I figured that the helmet was pretty awful looking so even if HeadWrapz couldn’t work magic, I’d still come out on top.  Well, they can work magic because I would actually wear this Gait helmet now.  The chin is still navy, but the rest of the helmet is covered in… covering.  Whatever they use is VERY thin, feels like a normal helmet and looks 1,000 times better than boring old standard issue.

This looks so much better than stock.

They used a skull and crossbones logo they had lying around and even though it’s an older print, it still looks good. When you see just what they have been coming up with over the last year, a new level is reached.

This advance in helmet customization will be huge this year and in the future. Just think about what this means. You no longer have to contact Cascade or Warrior to place custom orders. You want a pink Woozles helmet, but Cascade won’t make them for you so you get Silver ones instead… this is what happened to the Woozles last year. Well, now it doesn’t have to be like that.  Send your helmets to HeadWrapz and Bam! you got pink.

You want to follow Team USA and Team Canada‘s lead at the World Games and go with the two-tone helmets?  Not a problem.  Give them something harder.  Headwrapz can two-tone you like a Range Rover owned by Stephen Jackson.

The chance to have 100% unique helmets every year without having to replace the actual helmets is an big cost advantage for schools, teams and players.  The ability to use any colored helmet as your base further cuts costs and will help allow teams anywhere to coordinate their headwear.  This is really good news for all the teams out there that have broken 412’s golden rule of NO WHITE HELMETS! And yes, he’s yelling.

Imagine Indiana with perfectly color matched lids that have the outline of their state stretching from top to bottom on each side.  Georgetown could turn their helmet into an actual Hoya’s head.  Michigan stripes are a no-brainer and Brown‘s all-brown helmets are no longer impossible to get unless you go to Brown.  If you want simple matte black like Duke had last year, you can get that.  The possibilities are endless, costs have been reduced and the best gear is now even more available to the general public. I can’t see why this isn’t great news.

Will there still be ugly helmets?  Of course there will be ugly helmets.  There are ugly helmets now and people don’t even have that many options!  With the great comes the not-so-great, but thankfully we have 412 to call them out on it when it invariably happens.  This is a good step for the game and I’m excited to see what these guys come up with next.  I’m expecting big things!

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